Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encrypt my Username and Password?
Click on the .PDF document in the link below, it explains how to encrypt a username and password.
How to Encrypt my username and password


How often are eBooks added to the site?
eBooks are and other material are updated twice a month.


Will I be charged for the eBooks, ECourses, or video's?
No, the downloads are apart of the membership fee. In the future customers who are not members will have access to buy items from our store.


Can other members see my activity post?
No, The site is designed to keep all of your information private.


If I buy a membership plan, can I upgrade to a higher level?
Yes at any time you like you can upgrade your account, just click on the Upgrade link in the top right and follow the process to get access to more features and content.


Can I buy and e-book, video or online e-course?
Downloads are only available to subscribers that have a paid membership.



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